The following topics may be useful when troubleshooting your integration with SportsEngine.

Common Issues

These issues are common when building an integration with SportsEngine:

  • Missing Authentication Token
  • Wrong HTTP verb used

Demo Site

SportsEngine has provided an API Demo Sitebuilder site that helps illustrate the various response samples found in the API documentation. If these samples don't help you visualize your specific integration needs and you have further questions, you can always reach out to us with any questions you may have. See the API Demo site here.

Error Codes

SportsEngine follows the principles of REST in building its APIs, which means that error codes are communicated using industry standard HTTP error codes. The list below is not comprehensive, but a representative sample that shows most common codes that you can expect to see when building an integration with SportsEngine. A full list of error codes can be found on Wikipedia.

StatusError CodeDescription
400bad request
401unauthorized access
404not found
405method not allowed
500internal server error

Code Libraries

Regardless of your specific environment or favorite programming language, you can still integrate with SportsEngine. For assistance getting started accessing APIs in the language of your choice, please see this reference available on Github.