Sitebuilder API

They say that Sitebuilder turns anyone into a webmaster. They also say that no fancy skills or plugins are required. But... they didn't say there weren't any fancy tools available! The Sitebuilder API is practically "drag-and-drop simple" like the Sitebuilder Edit Mode. With the SportsEngine Site Builder API, you can manage the content on your website from any device, with just a few lines of code.

Integration Ideas

An external system can:

  • Create new website sections
  • Add content to any page
  • Add photos / videos to a page, team, news article
  • Edit content
  • Remove/hide content (such as a sale banner) when inventory is out-of-stock
  • Scrape content for syndication
  • And many more...

Sample Use Cases

  • Creating New Sitebuilder Pages (coming soon)

Available APIs